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    Herba Color is an herbal hair color in gel. It is rich in natural oils and vegetable surpluses. Does not contain hair and noxious ingredients such as ammonia, PPD, parabens and SLS.

  • Anti Hair Loss Conditioner


    Paraben-free Anti Hair Loss Conditioner with wheat sprouts, orange, lemon and vitamin E extract. Contains active substances from numerous plant extracts, which keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Best applied after colouring your hair.

  • Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


    This natural and delicate shampoo is extremely effective in battling all forms of hair loss, using saw palmetto extracts and essential oils to ensure a complete hair regeneration process.

  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


    A naturally innovative product reduces irritation and scaling of the scalp. It offers a high cleaning efficiency, while being extremely gentle and long-lasting. The active action of oils improves the activity of sebaceous glands and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

  • Aphrodisiac


    Aphrodisiac 100% natural essential oil helps to accept your body, character and your being. Accepting oneself enables openness to others, an experience of true intimacy.

  • Balance


    100% natural Balance essential oil provides a balance of body and mind. Considering the natural rhythms of the body and mind, it preserves and protects natural beauty.

  • Bergamot


    100% natural Bergamotka essential oil soothes, stimulates the senses, regulates the nervous system.

  • Chocolate – Semi-permanent hair color


    Semi-permanent hair color is good for first-time dyers or those who aren’t looking to make a drastic change. Semi-permanent dye has no ammonia and no developer, so no color is deposited inside the hair shaft. Instead, the color coats the hair. It gives your hair a natural look and it is easy to use. Since it doesn’t contain bleach, therefore, it can’t lighten your natural color. It generally washes out in 8 to 12 shampoos.




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Paket vsebuje poljubno barvo za lase Respect, naravni šampon za barvane lase in vitalno masko, čopič in skodelico za mešanje.

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