Herba Color

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The first hair dye with no ammonia and parabens in gel, made with herbal philosophy. Hair should be protected and nourished while still healthy, with no signs of thinning or damage. Too often dyeing or bleaching your hair with dyes that contain ammonia on your hair will weaken and damage your hair.

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First of its kind, a hair color without ammonia or parabens in gel form, in touch with its herbal tradition. Your hair needs to be protected and nurtured while still healthy, without signs of thinning or damage. Excessive coloring or bleaching your hair with colors that contain ammonia weakens and damages your hair.

Synthesized colors act aggressively when removing your natural pigment from inside the hair and substituting it with synthetic pigments. Ammonia free color with low hydrogen contents does alter your hair to a bare minimum and strengthens your hair’s structure. Now you can change your hair, ammonia and care free.

Herba Color colors contain plant extracts from brown algae, mallow, walnut, chamomile, henna and aloe.

Herba Color Advantages:

  • 100% Grey color coverage,
  • Extremely gentle,
  • No burning or irritating sensation,
  • No unpleasant smell,
  • Easy to use,
  • Resistant to washing, sun and salt water,
  • Suitable for delicate hair and pregnant women.

Plant Extract Effects:

  • Brown algae have a soothing effect and hydrate your hair,
  • Green walnut shells add a natural copper tone to the color,
  • Chamomile is an antiseptic substance that helps lighten your hair,
  • Aloe keeps your hair flexible and elastic,
  • Henna adds natural pigments to the color.

You can choose from a collection of 37 shades.

Ingredients: naturavit.net/sestavine-herba-color/

Quantity: 130ml

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