• Spruce ointment


    Spruce ointment with spruce, fir and red resin extracts has a characteristic resin odor and can be used throughout the body. It can be applied to the skin several times a day in a thin layer and gently rubbed into the skin. For better performance, the body parts should be washed with warm water before applying the ointment, as the ointment on clean skin is more effective.

  • Vitastas Firming Cream


    The firming cream is the best solution for loose skin or stretch marks, most often attributed to pregnancy, body weight fluctuation, loosening tissue and unbalanced dietary habits.

  • Nourishing hand sanitizer


    Hand gel disinfectant. With aloe vera and 100% mint essential oil. Contains 75% denatured alcohol.

    150 ml

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  • Vitastas Warming Cream


    The Vitastas Warming Cream effectively solves any issues regarding acute cellulitis and improves the tightness of the skin.

  • Vitastas Cooling Gel

     8.46  6.35

    We recommend the Vitastas Cooling Gel to those who suffer from excessive body weight and cellulite.

  • Vitastas Algae Mud for Belly and Waist

     17.00  12.99

    Contains ivy, gotu kola, green tea and sea lettuce extracts. The Vitastas Mud is an innovative skin care product for a slimmer and tighter belly; thanks to its high algae contents and other active substances, the Vitastas Mud helps melt fat deposits and decrease both belly and waist girth.

  • Vitastas Anti-Cellulite Mud with Algae


    With ivy, rosemary, sage and Chinese rose extract.