• Reduces hair loss


    Reduces hair loss after using only one bottle.

  • Prevents greasy hair


    Prevents having to wash your hair every day after using only one bottle.

  • Relaxes sensitive hair


    It does not cause hair and scalp problems even after daily use.

  • Ends dandruff


    Puts an end to dandruf after using only one bottle.

  • Shampoo for Delicate Hair


    Natural, extremely gentle creamy foam shampoo provides sufficient hydration with the help of Abyssinian seaweed oil. Proper hygiene of the hair and scalp is essential for maintaining the beauty and health of your hair for a long time.

  • Shampoo for Greasy Hair


    Natural, extremely gentle creamy foam shampoo provides sufficient hydration. Using the essential oils of rice, lemon, tea tree, peppermint, sage regulates the function of sebaceous glands.

  • Dry & Colored Hair Shampoo


    A natural and extremely delicate shampoo ensures enough hydration for your hair with its creamy, gentle foam. Extracts of biological chestnut and aloe, paired with lavender and rice wheat extracts, help extend the permanence and intensity of your hair color.

  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


    A naturally innovative product reduces irritation and scaling of the scalp. It offers a high cleaning efficiency, while being extremely gentle and long-lasting. The active action of oils improves the activity of sebaceous glands and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

  • Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


    This natural and delicate shampoo is extremely effective in battling all forms of hair loss, using saw palmetto extracts and essential oils to ensure a complete hair regeneration process.

  • Anti Hair Loss Conditioner


    Paraben-free Anti Hair Loss Conditioner with wheat sprouts, orange, lemon and vitamin E extract. Contains active substances from numerous plant extracts, which keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Best applied after colouring your hair.

  • Peeling shampoo for scalp


    Peeling shampoo ensures thorough cleansing of your scalp and hair. The gentle volcanic rock perlite removes dead cells and improves blood circulation, while the addition of hemp and mint refreshes and strengthens the hair and  scalp. In addition to gentle natural shampoos suitable for your hair type, once a week, use a peeling. If you have problems with dandruff, greasy hair or hair loss, the use of peeling is very important.

  • Color Hair Care


    Herbal extracts and oils in the vital mask restore hair elasticity, firmness and luster, making the color more pronounced and longer lasting.

  • Spray for hair protection


    Naturavit Vitamin E/Chestnut repairs, nurtures and offers UV protection for your hair, thanks to biological chestnut extracts. Suited for dull, damaged or difficult to comb hair.

  • Repair & Protect serum for split ends


    Naturavit Silicon Repair & Protect helps protect split ends with inulin.