New “New Year’s resolutions”.

The New Year celebrations are well behind us which means getting through these cold days is now harder without the holiday spirit to distract us and a cup of mulled wine to warm our hands. The lingering taste of holidays is slowly fading and is now replaced by the sound of the morning alarm, coldly reminding us of the harsh reality where Christmas lights are taken down quite unceremoniously from the otherwise dull city buildings. And yet, the first days of January are nonetheless special, bringing us a sense of new beginnings and a certain hope this year will be the very year things finally fall into place. With a child-like optimism we clench to the new year resolutions we made and try to quiet that little voice in the back of our minds trying to remind us the new year is little more than a different number on the calendar and we remain exactly the same people we were before the clocks turned midnight.

Why not try to leave the unrealistic goals and the self-criticism that follows behind this year and focus all the positive energy on just one goal: being good to ourselves and our environment.

Changing our focus

This year, let’s take time to rediscover and accept ourselves. Let’s work on feeling good in our bodies and on being capable of spending time alone with our thoughts. Let’s be mindful and attentive to all the little things that make us happy.

In light of this, the team at Naturavit decided to first take a step back and ask themselves some questions before designing their 2020 vision. What does caring for the body and the environment mean for them? What actions can they take to decrease their environmental impact and to reach the most customers? How can they benefit the people and the environment? As a company with natural and local products, their mission for the past 30 years has been to act in the most sustainable way possible. Their natural products are made locally with all the materials produced within a range of 500 km for the lowest carbon footprint. Naturavit uses almost exclusively natural materials without any artificial fragrances, aggressive blowing agents or pigments. The energy used in the production and heating process comes from sustainable energy sources.

Our goals in 2020

  • Switching to an environmentally friendly website server provider that invests in renewable energy sources
  • Respect hair colour being the first hair colour on the market with plastic-free packaging
  • Switching to a new paper box producer for the Respect line with a practice of reforestation
  • Reducing paper consumption by 30%

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