Vital mask Respect

Hair regeneration is a long process, so it is all the more important to use natural hair dyes and which not only color our hair but also protect it. Respect colors have a number of other advantages as well:

  1. They completely cover gray hair.
  2. They are free of harmful ingredients and very gentle.
  3. They are long lasting, resistant to sun and seawater.
  4. They are easy to use.
  5. They can be extremely cleansed from the skin.
  6. They are vegan and not tested on animals.
  7. They smell of herbs.
  8. They do not bake or itch.
  9. They are nickel tested.
  10. They are a Slovenian product that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

All these advantages, however, come from the very composition of the dye, which contains many plant extracts, such as wheat germ oil, nettle extract, marigold, lavender, cranberries, ginger, aloe and sunflower seeds.

Respect is also provided with a conditioner that nourishes and protects your hair after coloring. However, as it is often used too quickly, we have put together a vital hair mask that will protect and strengthen your hair 10 times longer.

Vital mask makes hair color last longer, prevents breakage and restores luster to hair. All this is made possible by a unique combination of ingredients such as:

  1. A common mallow that moisturizes and soothes irritated scalp.
  2. Chamomile that prevents hair loss and makes hair silky and supple.
  3. Millet that strengthens weakened hair and helps hair grow faster.
  4. Beta-caroten, which protects the hair from drying out and stimulates the glands on the scalp.
  5. Panthenol, which moisturizes and smooths hair, making it more elastic, shiny, healthy.

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