Sustainable hair color

Treating damaged hair is a lengthy process which is why using a natural hair colour that protects your hair is so important.

The Respect hair colour is a plant-based permanent hair colour that strengthens hair, but at the same time completely covers your greys. It is super easy to use, it doesn’t burn or itch and it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell.

A great user experience is, however, not the only advantage of Naturavit hair colours as they are designed and produced with the lowest impact on the environment. The production process supports local producers and seeks local ingredients. The Respect hair colour is also the first Slovenian vegan hair colour following the principle that animals just as much as people deserve a life without suffering or exploitation.

Respect hair colour:

  1. Completely covers greys
  2. Very gentle with no harmful ingredients
  3. Long-lasting, fade-resistant in the sun or salt water
  4. Easy to use
  5. Skin stains easy to remove
  6. No animal testing
  7. No unpleasant smell
  8. No burning or itching
  9. Tested for nickel
  10. Made in Slovenia with low carbon footprint

All these beneficial properties come from the numerous plant extracts:

  • Wheat sprouts oil, rich with vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant and protects the hair against ageing, nourishes hair and hair follicle and protects the skin layer, making your hair soft and shiny
  • Nettle extracts which prevent bacteria growth and moisturise the scalp
  • Calendula extract with skin-calming effects
  • Lavender which maintains a healthy balance of the scalp
  • Cranberries with vitamins A and C which give hair a glossy look
  • Ginseng which prevents dry hair
  • Aloe vera extracts which keep hair healthy and soft
  • Sunflower seeds which are a rich source of minerals and vitamins E and D

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